Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations with DeAnna Batdorff

Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations with DeAnna Batdorff

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Designed to deepen the understanding of the human body, this 250-hour training uses Ayurvedic and Tibetan Elemental Theory to explore and explain the dimensions of integrated health. Through listening to the emotions, symptoms, and signals provided by the body, you will learn applications for symptomology, the diagnostic tools of tongue, face, pulse, aromatherapy, herbal preparations, whole food nutrition, bodywork and Pancha Karma. The program, taught in an experiential format, is for both beginners and experienced practitioners. It’s user-friendly and client-friendly.

6-Week Intensive Program & 10 Month Weekend Program available.

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Session I:  Sept 24–28, Oct 1–5, 2018       Session II: Nov 26–Nov 30, Dec 3-Dec 7  Session III: Jan 28–Feb 1, 2019, Feb 4–Feb 8

Class Final: February 18-20, 2019


Session I:  Sept 14–16, Oct 12–15, Nov 16-18, 2018       Session II: Dec 14–16, Jan 18-20, 2019, Feb 22-24, Mar 15-17   Session III:Apr 11-14, May 10-11, June 7-9

Class Final:  Jun 13 or Jun18 –20