Body Mapping is DeAnna's unique, company and powerful exploration of Ayurveda, the five elements and the seasons of hot, cold, wet and dry. Body mapping is taught through self exploration where a symptomatic approach to your health helps you listen to what the body is communicating.


This class is designed to empower each individual to look at themselves, love who they are now and be inspired to make changes for the better.

2018 DATES 

Spring Apr 6-8,11am-6pm  |  Fall  Sept 6,13, 20 Oct 11,18,25  6-8pm

  • Come experience the traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine in a user-friendly format for daily use
  • Elemental balance is seasonal health – looking at the body as Cold, Dry, Hot & Wet
  • Symptoms & remedy lists for the emotional, spiritual and physical body
  • Mapping the face, skin and tongue for self assessment
  • Heal yourself with lots of Yes’s and Know what to avoid


Handouts will create a personal book for life!

DeAnna's Foundational Courses
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With DeAnna Batdorff, learn original chemistry and formulations.  Dive into this unique study of patent plant medicine through a clinical and aromatherapeutic approach to utilizing essential oils.  We will be blending formulas, making medicine and discussing ailments and designing protocol.  Guest chemistry teacher Kelley Lake.  


You will learn chemistry 101, elemental blending techniques, and synergizing a formula. We’ll spend one day making medicine and experiencing the distillation process.

2018 DATES   

10 day course  June 25-29, July 2-6,  11am - 6pm

  • Distillation and cultural history from around the world
  • Olfactory, limbic brain & hypothalamus response between brain and body
  • Ayurvedic chemistry (how to use chemistry without being a chemist)
  • Sacred aromatics (traditional folklore, chakra balancing and how the right smell can support the client)
  • Medicine making applications (who needs a hydrosol, concentrate, salt scrub, medicinal oil, steam inhalation, salve, etc.)
  • Art of blending and making individualized formulations
  • The properties and functions of essential oils
  • Safety (toxicity, proper dosages, use in pregnancy and animal care)